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Wood finishes & coatings in Adelaide

Timber flooring elevates the style of any room or home. The sleek look, beautiful shine and deep colour add to your home’s value and overall appeal. The wood itself is pretty, but the finish and coating are what make timber floors really shine.
Hardwax Oils provide the perfect solution for a broad range of applications for all timber species, parquetry, cork or bamboo. Hardwax oils are not only lustrous but also slip resistant, durable and non-toxic. These finishes can be safely specified for all residential or commercial projects.

High-quality products

We also recommend and use Whittle waxes for commercial flooring. The waxes have unique properties which allow the floor to look fresh and bright after applying a simple maintenance coat. This potentially means the floor will never need aggressive sanding again. The maintenance is simple, non-toxic and can be managed by the resident cleaning company.
Our team proudly uses Whittle waxes to bring out the greatness your timber floor has to offer. Whittle waxes are non-toxic and eco-friendly, making them a great choice for your home. We offer a wide range of oils and Hardwax coatings making it perfect for both home and commercial applications.  Call us today for a free quote. 
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